Who is Katey and what does she do?

 For over twenty years, my passion for painting has been a testament to the love I hold for the creative process in all its forms. Yet, in recent years, I’ve found a new direction for my artistry- capturing the valor in the spirit of military and first responder subjects. This shift was personal; rooted in a desire to support my husband, a valiant veteran of Operation Desert Shield, as he bravely confronts the challenges of PTSD that surfaced in 2017. My art became a silent show of support, a canvas a solidarity. 
This journey led to meaningful connections with my local fire department, who reached out with a simple request: to capture their moments of bravery. As I painted them, I realized the profound impact that these visual stories could have. Countless veterans and first responders, much like them, yearn to preserve and share their cherished moments to camaraderie, triumph, and service with friends and family. 
This understanding has profoundly influenced my art. Painting these guardians of society has become a deeply rewarding mission, aligning my craft with a purpose that extends beyond the easel. The personal gratification I once found in painting has been magnified by the opportunity to connect with these heroes and their narratives. 
My artwork has thus evolved into more than just a personal pursuit- it has become a shared dialogue of respect and recognition. It’s a privilege to weave these threads of ‘good’ memories into a tapestry that honors their legacy- a privilege that has enriched and redefined my artistic journey. 

A Crazy Little Thing Called Art

Check out some samples of my work. If you see something you like, let’s connect and see how I can make your home or office creative and fun!

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