Who is Katey and what does she do?

I presently live in North Carolina with my husband and teen children who still live at home. I studied studio art in upstate New York. I have always enjoyed drawing, and college is where I came to love painting. I find that this is a place where I can relax and let the images flow into the canvas.

Art is organic, and if I don’t let it evolve in the creating process, I am never happy with the outcome. This has been something that I have had to learn on my own, they didn’t teach that in all the art classes I took in college.

I do keep a small drawing notebook with me, more like several, because I usually forget where I placed one, so I have several scattered around the house. That way, if an idea comes, I can either write it or sketch it out. When I’m ready for a new project, I can go over past plans and see if anything looks good.

I have created this site for anyone who enjoys art, whether it be looking at it or creating it. I will be opening a shop site soon, were I direct you to where to buy, I am looking forward to sharing my art with everyone who loves art like I do.

A Crazy Little Thing Called Art

Check out some samples of my work. If you see something you like, let’s connect and see how I can make your home or office creative and fun!

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